Mountain Bike maintenance in Surrey | The Riders Hub
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Whether you are a regular trail rider or enjoy occasional weekend rides, good maintenance is essential and often misunderstood. At The Riders’ Hub we provide the highest standard of regular maintenance for your bike.


We understand the importance of keeping our hire bikes in top condition, and our technicians can do the same for you.


We are, first and foremost, keen and regular riders who are out several times a week, rain or shine. As well as riding to a high standard, we are all very familiar with bike settings for all conditions, whether setup or tune up.

Our technicians are ‘Cytech’ trained and qualified.


We undertake every job with pride and we only add necessary extra costs with your authorisation using Hubtiger to keep you fully updated. You are welcome to leave your bike with us after your ride and we will carry out a complimentary clean with any workshop job, many clients then collect bikes to ride the local trails.


As technicians we complete regular training courses with manufacturers and/or Cytech, to continuously expand our skills and knowledge. We work on all makes of bike at all price points and are a ‘Specialized’ centre for repairs, warranty, and electronic updates where applicable (ebikes).

Our Services

  • General servicing and repairs.
  • Component upgrades.
  • Maintenance and setup advice.
  • InvisiFRAME fitting.
  • Bike maintenance plan.


We offer a ‘Ride and Tune’ service with a mechanic and qualified British Cycling Mountain Bike Guide, where we ride with you and make suspension adjustments to suit your style.


We can complete any repair or bit of routine maintenance to multiple levels by our Cytech trained mechanics.

Our workshop is invisiFRAME approved and can provide a full invisiFRAME wrapping service. Protect your bike from staining, unsightly damage to maximise resale value using specific custom wrapping. Our technician Jack has wrapped thousands of bikes over 10 years.


Services range from Basic (from £55) to Strip ‘n’ Rebuild (from £230).


Strip ‘n’ Rebuild


Every nook and cranny. That’s the goal. Your bike will be completely stripped down to each individual component, every part meticulously cleaned and re-greased (or anti-seized, or carbon paste’d) before being reinstalled to the correct torque. Frame bearings can be replaced. We recommend tying in this service with servicing your fork, shock and dropper, and having your brakes bled as we strive to return your bike as close to that new bike feel as we can.

Bike maintenance in the Surrey Hills
If you would like your pride and joy protected, repaired, upgraded or fine tuned, please contact us on 01306 731 639

Basic Service

A comprehensive check over of your bike to make sure it’s safe to hit the trails. We ensure every bolt is sufficiently torqued and there’s no play in any area of the bike. We will index your gears and centre your callipers to ensure clean shifting and precise braking. We can also change a cable or brake pads as part of this service. To finish it off we return your bike with a full assessment over our online workshop system, Hubtiger. Choose this service if your bike just isn’t quite feeling its full self.




General Service

Everything included in the Basic Service, plus a strip down and degrease of the drivetrain system to increase its life and assist in flawless shifting. We also clean down your bike with Muc-Off to make it look new again. We can replace any drivetrain components as necessary. Your bike will be returned to you feeling fresh and with a full review of any parts that may need swapping or servicing in the near future. Choose this service if your bike could do with a bit of TLC.




Full Service

An inter-season service for your full sus, or an annual service for your hardtail. Everything included in the General Service, as well as dropping the forks and servicing the headset, and removing and servicing the bottom bracket (threaded only unless press-fit needs replacing). The wheels will also be trued straight and tensioned correctly. Your bike will be returned to you feeling solid, fresh and riding smooth. Choose this service to spruce your bike and keep on top of maintenance.





The film is a premium automotive film, which has been developed to protect car paint from stone chips. We can’t promise to protect your frame from major damage but the protection kit will protect and minimise general trail wear, scuffs, abrasions and stone chips keeping your steed looking newer for longer. The gloss film can be polished adding to its longevity, meaning that all of those annoying little scratches can be polished out.



including mtb specific kit